Blue Dot came to me

He was the small wimpy one. Definitely not the alpha. And I loved that. I didn’t have a chance to choose my puppy from the breeder. This golden doodle breed was very popular due to its hypoallergenic character, so the breeder notified me which one I would get.

I filled the adoption paper and deposited the money. Several days later, I knew the Blue Dot became my pup. And he was coming from Alabama all the way up to Ithaca, New York. I sent him 2 weeks puppy prep in the breeder to prepare him for the long air travel.

At the end of the October 2014, I went to the cargo office of Syracuse Airport and waited that my pup arrived. I could hear him even before I met him. The 10 weeks old puppy barked in his crate so seriously that the airport cargo personnel wanted me to take him with me as soon as the paperwork was done.

Our first official meeting was on the small patch of grass at the side of the parking lot at the airport. I took him out and gave him water. He didn’t drink or pee, he just kept tapping my shoulder with his small front paws as if he was about to say something. Probably he meant, ‘why did you put me on that plane? It was awful and it took so long.’

During the one hour drive back to Ithaca, he slept sound in the crate by my side. Since then, he became the closest companion of mine. I am so glad that the breeder chose the Blue Dot for me because he is the only one that has the gold color ears among his all white siblings. One more word added at the birth to distinguish newborn puppies, “Dot”, already meant that he is the special one.

His name is Snoopy.