“This is a humble collection of an artist’s journey in this world.  Her records to live her life as a whole and to appreciate all the moments to the fullest.”


The author of A whole and the Moments blog

Born in Seoul, South Korea, she came to the US as a graduate student and studied at Cornell University. She got her Ph.D. in Fiber Science minoring Chemistry and Pharmacology and pursued her career as a professor at The Catholic University of Korea for 7 years. After spending her sabbatical year back at Cornell University, she decided to quit her profession and become a full-time writer.
In 2010, she moved to Ithaca, NY and worked at Cornell as a research scholar. In 2012, her first short story was published in the literary magazine and she started to work as a full-time writer. She published a poetry book, “Walking with Shadow”, in 2015 and a short story novel, “The Whisper of Elephants and the Marathon of Whales”, in 2016, (both written in Korean).
She writes one short story in Korean every year and publishes in a literary magazine, teaches yoga, runs a small company selling some meaningful words, and walks her dog every day.  Since 2012, she works on her first full-length novel (written in English), SOLID.