Nestle Right In

Sometimes, I get attached to one word.
Now the word is “nestle” or “nestled”. There is a nice feel about this word. A comfort, releasing tension and dropping guard, a long exhale leaning the head to some support, a rest.

Maybe I’m tired.
Being on the driver’s seat for all my life… I want to move onto the passenger side now, even for just a couple of drives… I’d roll over to my side on the passenger seat and curl up… gazing outside landscape passing by, sometimes turning my head back to check the scenery that I want to see again, occasionally looking at the driver who can be trusted at the moment. I’d nestle in the momentary comfort, right there.

The moon and the stars.
Many hazy cloudy nights… but I had a chance to catch a glance of the crescent moon in the deep blue sky thickened by the rain clouds this evening. Life… the ordinaries… too much to take in, too much to savor…
I need to distill many to a handful to accommodate my finite capacity in appreciation. One day, all of these will be gone. But still…. the moon and the stars… wherever you are… there you are… here I am… the moon and the star… in the same sky… apart.
When our orbits get close, I’ll nestle right in, laying my head on your glowing arms… even for just a couple of journeys… I’d be very happy.

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